The insight to excite.

We provide tools, strategies and great content to engage real world human interaction for your brand, company and organisation.


Ropu is your personal visual network to interact with your community. Forge a strong emotional bond with people, use enticing content, develop smart strategies and see your brand awareness and revenu go up. Easy-peasy and in three different flavours.


Eagle is our patented mobile human interaction setup for sampling, events, in-shop experiences, … Its sensors analyse human characteristics and behaviour while showing your content, giving you a detailed report about your audience afterwards.


Turtle is our adorable secret weapon in slowing down sidewalk speed. A standalone mobile visual interaction board to nudge people towards your store, shop, office or event location. Cute and very effective when used properly.


Ntice is the core of Nurama. The birthplace of new insights to strengthen human contact. It’s all about customer experiences in the real world. We analyse sensor data and develop strategies and content to improve the interaction with your audience.

Our mission is to become more human.

Our world thrives on technological innovations. Big data rules. The rushing thirst for more digitalization pushes the boundaries of our knowledge. We’re more connected than ever. Yet we tend to feel more disconnected.

At Nurama, we make it our mission to restore true authentic human interaction. By embracing technology and put it to work for the good cause. By analyzing big data to help us reconnect again. And by creating enticing content that touches people. Because we firmly believe digitalization is not the end goal. It’s just an incredible powerful tool to become more human.

How to design your shop for a better customer experience?

Get Ntice.

Using sensor technology to learn how people actually use your shop, Ntice proves with hard data how to setup your ideal shop. Pure gold for retail & interior designers to have their work pay off much more.

How do you know if product sampling works?

Use Eagle.

Put Eagle to work wherever you have sampling actions to provide brand awareness. Eagle sees and collects all kinds of visitor data, providing you with real data about the effectiveness of your action.

How can I show branded content in my bar or restaurant?

Go Ropu.

Create and direct your own direct channel to your customers. It looks slick in your interior, it’s easy to manage and helps you to have more interaction and more revenue.

How can we improve your real world customer experience?

Give us a call, we’d like to get to know you. Or leave your email address below and we’ll contact you!

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