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Advertise on HD screens in relevant locations via our mobile platform, wherever you are. Just as easy as online advertising on Facebook and Google.

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Why advertise offline today?


Local, regional or national: determine the reach of your campaign yourself.

Brand awareness

Familiarize potential customers with your brand in places where they often and happily spend time.

Personal targeting

By targeting specific locations, your communication is more personal and relevant.

Scheduled advertising

Plan the location, the date and time to place your content at the right place and right moment .

All locations where you can start advertising starting at €4/dag

Click the markers for more info about the location.

Huis van hoof

Forum Geel

El mundo Geel

'T onderwerp

Brasserie Kiewit

Grand Café Industries

La Vignette

Nicky's Catwalk



Grill Cafe Gloria


The loft

't Forum

Zero Zero

De Frietboetiek

De Elze

Le Nez Blanc

Brasserie Rekruut

Golden Gate

Gouden Punt


Mario's Ice

El Chiringuito

La vache qui suisse

Hamburg Heist

Hamburg Aarschot

Brasserie Prestige

Sint Jozef

Het Loo



Villa XII

L'Or Noir

Frit-style Zonhoven

Frit-Style Hasselt

Frituur De Ring

Brasserie O


Fruitmarkt Genk

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