The community engagement director.

Ropu is the vibrant connection between you, your clients and your partners. The visual Ropu network is your own channel to forge a stronger bond with your community through custom content. Wether you look at that community as your tribe, your team of your target audience, Ropu has got your covered and helps you to score with unique and smart content.

The emotional connection of Ropu with your community drives more engagement, more interaction, more conversion and ultimately more revenue for you and your company.

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Zij ontdekten de kracht van Ropu.

Ropu verkoopt bij ons als zoete broodjes.

Bij Bakkerij Baeten zit Ropu ingebakken in hun warme communicatie naar klanten én werknemers.

Creatieve interactie gaf ons meer omzet.

KROK gelooft in smakelijk eten én smakelijke communicatie. De gerichte Ropu-aanpak deed meteen meer ‘kroks’ verkopen.

Nu praten we nog meer met onze klanten.

In Brasserie Fratelli zijn de vele boodschappen via het Ropu-netwerk een meerwaarde voor klanten én adverteerders.

This is how it works.

Look at Ropu as your own brand channel where you decide what to say, to show and to share with your community. Your channel is shown on digital carriers that are smartly and discretely built into the interior of your business.

So forget the ugly television set with the even uglier stand. At Ropu we wrap your channel into something aesthetically pleasing that fits its surroundings. We have two main principles. Firstly, Ropu is always visually integrated. Secondly, Ropu is always positioned strategically to have a maximum engagement with people and therefore more results for you.

Ropu is always visually
integrated in your interior.

Ropu is always positioned for
maximum engagement with people.

Is Ropu something for you?

Ropu is extremely versatile and can be used in bars, restaurants, retail shops, office buildings and industrial complexes. Do you have a space where you want to interact with your community, clients, partners, colleagues or other stakeholders? Ropu is the solution for you to get everybody informed and engaged. And oh, it comes in different flavours to cater your needs.

Plain and simple, Ropu Clap is our basic setup with just the technical base to start your community channel. You roll up your sleeves and go to work.

Ropu Clap

This is Clap:

  • Ropu Player
  • Ropu Platform
  • Image/Video Library

Our hybrid solution is called Ropu Boost. For those who like to experiment themselves, but also want to count on us to deliver some relevant content and smart strategies.

Ropu Boost

This is Boost:

  • Ropu Player
  • Ropu Platform
  • Custom Template
  • Image/Video Library
  • Interactive Ad(s)

Go for the biggest impact without investing your own time. With Ropu Rave we run your channel as trusted content directors and stock it fully with great content and smart communication strategies. Maximum community engagement!

Ropu Rave

This is Rave:

  • Ropu Player
  • Ropu Platform
  • Image/Video Library
  • Custom Template
  • Interactive Ad(s)
  • Content Strategy & Management

Ropu Connect

Ropu Connect is the red carpet for other Ropu users or external parties. If you’re interested, you can open your Ropu channel – in return for a fee – to let other brands interact with your community. At the same time, you can show your content on other Ropu channels and reach an even bigger audience!

Hell yeah, this is what I’ve been waiting for!

Great, just give us a call and we will show you how Ropu can enhance your business. Or leave your email address below and we’ll contact you!

These brands are happy with Ropu.

“Ropu is ridiculously easy and fast to showcase our offline campaigns to our audience.
Best of all: we can change the content within minutes.”

Erika Paps, De Zigeuner

“We’ve been partnering up with Ropu for several years for two reasons: their solution is
extremely user-friendly and they’re always ready to support us with their insights and creativity.”

I. Gaethofs, Fietsen Gaethofs